Exergy Controls Introduces Digitally Controlled Signage

Exergy Controls is excited to announce the addition of digitally controlled signage. Digitally controlled signage allows illuminated signs to be installed in the most advantageous locations.

Signage is an extremely important component in our lives, assisting us with timely information and direction. Often, signage is being added to existing facilities to provide basic information and direction, as well as disseminating safety information as needed. Providing the independently switched power, as well as allowing for special messages such as event parking instructions, safety warnings, or giving overflow parking directions, is often difficult and expensive. Using Exergy’s digital wireless controllers, installers can integrate signage into any location and supply power via an unswitched circuit. Exergy’s control system provides the on/off control, as well as intensity adjustment, for up to 10 unique signage elements through its wireless controllers. This allows facilities to install signage in the most advantageous locations with a minimum of trenching, disruption of surrounding activities, and cost.